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Diversifying Your Retirement Accounts

Self-directed IRA's and self-directed retirement accounts are able to hold a variety of assets including real estate. The benefits of using your self-directed IRA for real estate investment are two-fold. The primary benefit is the ability to utilize the funds in your self-directed IRA to fund the investment property and the expenses related to the investment property. When the property sells, the realized gains and the total original investment are added back to the self-directed IRA. The secondary benefits are the realized tax advantages you are entitled to by owning an investment property.

According to Recent Statistics there are over $9 Trillion in IRA funds available. There is also an excess of 401k accounts that are sitting inactive. JSJ Sustainable Investments is able to assist you in utilizing your self-directed IRA funds to secure a real estate investment property, renovate the property and then sell your investment for a double digit ROI. Your realized 10% return is then sent back to self-directed IRA account along with your original investment amount as non-taxable income.

Here is a story from one of our clients: "In 1997 we invested over $100,000 into multiple retirement accounts. Our investment grew steadily until the market crashed in 2008, leaving us with just over a $20,000 balance in the accounts. If we would have known about self directing earlier, we would have put that money into hard assets and other real estate investments, instead of relying on the market to plan our retirement."

Call us today to see how we can help you convert your retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA and assist you in beginning to build your retirement on your terms.

Don't let the next market crash control your destiny!

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