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Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments

Are you an investor that wants to make a higher return on your investment?

Do you want to secure returns on your capital that is risk-free and backed by hard assets?

JSJ Sustainable Investments is a safe and effective way to invest your capital and generate a return of 8% to 12%+ on your investment.

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Safe | Secure | Increased ROI

JSJ Sustainable Investments guarantees a higher than average return by purchasing properties that need improvements, managing our renovation teams and then selling the properties for a substantial profit. We guarantee our returns in writing and each investment is backed by hard assets minimizing the risk and ensuring confidence in knowing that your investment is protected.

At JSJ, real estate investing is our passion and we have spent more than a decade making investors money. Investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is the safe and secure way to generate increased returns while safely protecting your investment.

Our experience in real estate has enabled us to learn the local markets, locate the properties with significant upside potential and then take the steps necessary to create the revenue that we desire.

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A Proven Approach to Financial Independence

Invest with JSJ

JSJ Sustainable Investments works alongside some of the best real estate investment service providers and we take pride in our high quality, reliable investment strategies.

When it comes to investing in real estate, it is important that you find a company that you can trust who offers a high ROI with quality properties and who has a track record for delivering results time and time again.

Real estate investing has been the best choice for investors over the last century and has made so many millionaires because of the security that comes along with it.

At JSJ Sustainable Investments, we put everything in writing so you can feel secure knowing exactly where your investment is going and what you are going to make on your investment. Your capital and profit are protected making JSJ Sustainable Investments the best choice for you and your real estate investing.

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Compounding ROI for Increased Returns

We allow our investors to participate in multiple projects simultaneously, multiplying their returns annually.

All of the properties we choose are in growing markets with a high demand for renovated properties allowing us to sell the properties quickly at a fair market price.

Creating a forever home for buyers is a simple way for us and for you to be a part of our winning strategy. We invest the capital, time, and care into creating properties that the homeowners love.

We believe in creating winning investment strategies for everyone involved. We use our years experience, our passion, and attention to detail to create a winning investment every time.



Integrity and transparency in real estate investing go hand in hand with experience. We have learned over the years that the more transparent we are with our investors, contractors, team members and realtors, the more easily we can accomplish all of our goals.

Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments allows us to put our standards in place to protect you, us and the future home buyers. During our stringent real estate investing evaluation, if we find anything that prevents us from moving forward on the investment, we do not invest in the project. You can see our complete investing process in the “Our Proven Process” section below.

At JSJ Sustainable Investments our real estate investing experience and education has taught us to have our contracts written with all of the specific safeguards in place so that each investment meets our standards, project budget and allows enough room for us to easily pay our investors the expected ROI. 

Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is to be certain that our finished product will be not only beautiful but done correctly.

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Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is not only an investment in us and yourself, but it is also an investment into the community.

We take pride in getting to know the areas where we work, the neighborhood and speaking with the neighbors to let them know who we are and what we do. We want the JSJ Sustainable Investments brand to be more than real estate investing, we want the community to know that we care.

JSJ Sustainable Investments revitalizes properties to boost the average sale prices of homes in many areas, helping the neighbor's home values rise while also restoring our properties to like new condition. 

Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is done by the numbers. We choose to invest in areas rich with growing economic climates and an influx of residents to ensure that we not only have the interested buyers for our homes but also that they have the income to support the purchase.

The JSJ Sustainable Investments investing formula can be shared with a simple call to discuss your investment goals. We enjoy being able to make our investors feel secure by taking all the necessary precautions to protect your investment.

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Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is a low-risk investment because we take all of the necessary precautions to protect your investment and ours. When a property does not pass our qualification process, we move on to the next property. All of our teams work hard each and every day, so we know what it is like to want your hard-earned money to go farther. All of our team members, from our C-level executives down to our contractors, are held to the same level of consistency. We strive for excellence by ensuring that each day we all do our best. In our pursuit of excellence, we have found that the small daily disciplines add up and that is how we deliver quality properties, higher than average ROIs and have excellent teams who take pride in their work.

When it comes to being certain that your investment is protected, everything is in writing. We thoroughly protect our investors and deliver a higher than average ROI with no hidden fees or costs. 

See below for a more in-depth description of the ways we protect our investors and investments.

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Ethical investing is the practice of selecting investments based upon ethics, morals and standards. At JSJ Sustainable Investments, our real estate investments not only deliver a higher than average ROI, but we also strive to lift the community and value of the neighboring homes.

JSJ takes pride in our high standards when it comes to real estate investing. We select the properties that can be made into beautiful forever homes so that when our homebuyers make their purchase, they are excited about their purchase and happy to call it their forever home.

As recently as this year, we have spent money out of our own pocket when an unexpected repair or update was needed. We take pride in allowing our investors to make their full return on investment no matter what happens during renovations. When faced with a situation where something needs to be replaced or will soon need to be replaced, we take the initiative to go ahead and make that update so that the future homebuyers will not need to.

Real estate investing is filled with companies who take shortcuts or look for the easiest way to make an extra dollar. At JSJ Sustainable Investments, our real estate investing protocol is that we would rather have the projects done right with high-end finishes, because done right means more to us than just done. We set a standard that work done by our contractors be pristine and flawless so that our newly renovated homes are similar to brand new properties.

Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is ethical investing.



Real estate investing with JSJ Sustainable Investments is a proven process that we have gotten down to a science to ensure that we make the best investments for everyone involved, including the future homeowners.

The JSJ Sustainable Investments process starts with our acquisitions and marketing team locating a property that fits our strict investment parameters. We then negotiate a fair selling price with the property owner and make an offer to purchase the home. 

Next, we open escrow with our legal team and send in our earnest money deposit, sometimes referred to as hand money. Our legal team and escrow agent order the Preliminary Title Report, which is a report prepared prior to issuing a policy of title insurance that shows the ownership of a specific parcel of land together with the liens and encumbrances thereon which will not be covered under a subsequent title insurance policy. 

Next our real estate investing team orders an appraisal of the property as well as a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from our realty team to confirm the After Repair Value (ARV) of the property. 

We work with the sellers by discussing the inspection process with the list of potential inspections depending on property conditions. 

These inspections include: a complete home inspection, sewer/septic inspection, asbestos inspection, mold inspection, termite inspection, structural inspection, etc. 

We also obtain a seller’s statement of repairs that includes all of the recent repairs the seller has put into the property. 

After the inspections, we put a scope of work together for our contractors to bid on. Our real estate investing team uses several contracting teams to handle our various investment opportunities. 

Once the bids are received, we then review the bids for accuracy and pricing and select the bids the best suit the project. 

Next we enter into final negotiations with the seller and prepare for the closing on the purchase of the home. Before we close, we put an investment offering out to our clients, we put together a full property perspective and lay out the financials of the project to provide complete transparency with our investors. 

Once the project funding is committed to us from our private investors, we then work with our legal team and the escrow agent to close on the purchase of the home. 

This process includes:

  • Our legal team prepares a mortgage document for our investors to secure them as the 1st position lien holder on the property.

  • Our legal team will also prepare a promissory note that promises to pay the investor back the full investment plus the generous interest, which is signed by our executive team. 

  • We then secure their investment further by having the investors added to the builder’s risk policy as a beneficiary. 

Our real estate investing team will then do a final walk through on the property with our contractors, confirming everything in the scope of work, and close on the property with our legal team and escrow agents. 

Our project manager then turns the utilities on in our company name and pulls all the necessary permits with our contractors to start on the renovation of the home. 

Our contractors are required to:

  • Be licensed

  • Be insured

  • Provide workman’s comp

  • Enter into a contract with our company for each and every project

We require an: 

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Insurance Indemnification Form

  • A signed Scope of Work

  • W-9

  • A signed Payment Schedule

  • A Final Lien Waiver which is to be signed at completion of job. 

Our project manager continuously monitors the project throughout construction and provides the management team with insights on the property and progress pictures and updates for the investor to see their hard-earned money in action. 

Once we complete the project and it passes the final inspection, our professional realty team lists the property for sale. 

In most cases, we list the property right as construction starts so that we can spark interest in the property right away and sometimes we can sell the property before renovations are complete. 

After the home is sold, the investor receives a distribution from our legal team and escrow. This distribution is the full initial investment plus the interest earned during the project.