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The Portfolio Partnership Program is for Investors who are interested in Commercial Real Estate Investments but do not have the time or experience to oversee the complex process of Commercial Real Estate Investing. 

The Portfolio Partnership Program is structured as an LLC which pays out the monthly net cash flow directly to the investor and has a 65/35 split on the exit or refinance of the property. 

The projected hold time of this investment is 10 years or less. We will be investing in B & C Class Assets from 20-200 units with a $3,000 - $5,000 per unit renovation needed . This allows us to increase the value of the property by making capital improvements and increasing the rent rate, thus increasing the Net Operating Income (NOI). 

WIth the increased NOI, the investment properties value is increased and we are able to refinance (pulling equity from the property, which is a TAX FREE event) or exit the investment and make a large return.



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