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CEO & Co-Founder

Jesse is a Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, and Entrepreneur. He continues to improve his Real Estate knowledge and expand his expertise in all aspects of Real Estate. Jesse has over 13 years of Real Estate knowledge and experience between his three Real Estate Investment Companies. He was recently featured in Yahoo Finance as One of The Top 20 Entrepreneurs You Need To Pay Attention To in 2020. He has also been featured in SD Voyage Magazine and Thrive Global, as well as several podcasts. With a BS in Business Management & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Jesse continues to passionately pursue his Business and Real Estate Education, all while working on becoming a Top Professional in Real Estate investing.

Jesse began investing in Real Estate at the age of 16 after starting J&S Beachcombers, LLC with his Mother, Jane, and late Father, Sal. J&S specialized in Tax Lien Investing, and after several years, transitioned into a Buy & Hold Real Estate Investment firm, also opening a Construction Branch. After graduating from college, Jesse joined Sal and Jane in the Fortune Builder Mastery Program, led by Than Merrill. Soon after, the three began JSJ Sustainable Investments, LLC. JSJ services communities by purchasing distressed homes for renovation, thereby improving the overall value of the surrounding homes and rejuvenating neighborhoods. JSJ operates in multiple markets throughout the country. JSJ Sustainable Investments has transitioned from working in local markets in California, to a remote Fix & Flip and Wholesaling Business. Jesse left his corporate job mid-2018 to pursue Real Estate Investing and other Business Ventures full time.

Since then, Jesse has begun several new Business Ventures, and created several strategic business partnerships with some of the top professionals in the industry. He Co-Founded a Virtual Meetup called, West 2 East Virtual Meetup, in which he and other real estate professionals share their knowledge and experience with individuals around the world.     

Jesse now lives in San Diego, and continues to work with both local and international investors. He has passionately pursued the goal to help hundreds of people in their community, and communities around the country, find an answer to their real estate investment needs. Jesse has developed a solid foundation of real estate knowledge, with the integrity to follow up on promises and make successful deals happen.

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Jane started in Real Estate over 13 years ago with her late husband Sal and Jesse. Together they started J&S Beachcombers, LLC, which specializes in out of state tax certificates and long-term investment properties. Jane has an Associate’s Degree from SUNY Farmingdale, and Bachelors of Science from CW Post in Accounting. She was previously a Staff Accountant for a Major firm and has vast experience in Banking as a Paraprofessional.

Jane continues to educate herself in Real Estate and has built 2 successful Real Estate Companies. Jane, Sal & Jesse founded JSJ Sustainable Investments, LLC in 2016 and continue to grow their business while partnering with strategic Real Estate Professionals.

Jane Currently Resides in Lake Elsinore, California and continues to rise as a prominent Real Estate Investing Professional. JSJ Sustainable Investments, LLC has a mission to invest in the enhancement of neighborhoods while providing a more environmentally friendly approach when revitalizing homes in communities around the country.

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Senior Investment Strategist 

Michael comes to JSJ from Skyline Champion Inc, one of the largest manufactured home builders in the country. While at Skyline Champion, Michael managed product costing and margin analysis for several brands of manufactured homes. His unique skillset and meticulous attention to detail allowed for significant waste reductions throughout the entire manufacturing process, thus increasing profit margins and reducing environmental impacts.

Throughout his 10 year professional career, Michael has held positions in investment banking, FX Trading, and additionally, serviced high profile private equity and venture capital funds in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a diligent and detailed oriented individual, prioritization and efficiency is exuberant among daily time sensitive objectives. Equipped with a thorough understanding of broad industry markets and economic trends Michael is an extremely effective decision maker. 

Prior to his professional career, Michael earned a B.S. in Economics at the Sigmund Weis school of business ( AACSB accredited institution) from Susquehanna University. There he was also a 4 year letterman in both collegiate hockey and baseball and named captain junior and senior year. His leadership and constant steadfast attention to details makes him a dynamic addition to the JSJ Sustainable Investments family.