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When you choose to Invest with JSJ you are choosing to invest your capital with a team of seasoned professionals.

Open For New Investors Now.

Our teams have years of experience and ensure that each investment is purchased at the right price, thoroughly inspected, professionally renovated with modern finishes and priced to sell quickly at fair market price.

Choosing to Invest with JSJ allows us to show you how our teams exceed the standards and can deliver higher than average ROI's to you multiple times per year.

The JSJ investment model also allows for investors to make compounded returns each year while being able to capitalize on tax credits and incentives, saving you money.

If you are an investor who wants to generate an increased ROI using secured assets and would like to know more, schedule a call today and let's discuss your investment goals and ideas.

Our brief investor questionnaire and call scheduling can be found at


The questionnaire allows for you and us to have an idea of your personal investment goals and your timeline for investing.

For New Investors now we are offering a 10% ROI.



Open For New Investors Now

Our Flip and Hold Program allows investors to participate in the renovation and rental of property without the headache of handling the hard work.

Our team will find the property, handle all the renovations using modern finishes and once the renovations are completed the investor holds the property for monthly cash flow.


Open for New Investors Now

Our Flip For You Program allows investors to secure an increased ROI multiple times per year.

Our team of highly skilled professionals locate a property that fits within the investment budget, we renovated with modern finishes and price the property to sell quickly at fair market price.



Open For New Investors Now

Our Portfolio Partnership Programs is designed for our investors who have completed a project with us and would like to continue purchasing properties that cash flow from day 1. These clients are the end buyers of our freshly renovated properties.  

The Portfolio Partnership Program allows for an investor to invest in a minimum of five of our properties to grow their investment portfolio rapidly, with highly sought after rental properties.

Many of our investors choose this investment route because it allows for them to build an investment portfolio of freshly renovated homes, without having the headache of handling all the renovations on their own.

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